Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm going to lay it all out here....I cannot listen to my son speak for one minute more!


He has not stopped talking and going and singing and imagining since we got home this afternoon! Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful, I know I'm blessed, I'm lucky to have a child that is capable of all of that and more. But OH MY GOD! Just two seconds without sound coming out of his mouth would be heaven.


I hit up Babies R Us this afternoon with the kids and my mom. We needed a new double stroller. My mom is taking ours. We got a new one. Grandma spoiled the kids, as usual. I don't think they had been in the store more than 5 minutes and each of my children had a toy in their hands. My son had a DVD to match his toy. I listened to the Backyardigans on the way home because the wireless headphones aren't working. I think Pablo is my favorite. I also got interjections from Toodles and Mickey on my son's new flashlight. I think it's fabulous that my kids get spoiled so. I was spoiled by my grandparents when I was little. Even as I got older I was spoiled. My kids are so lucky to get spoiled they way they do. I am so fortunate to have parents that are so involved and who are so willing to provide new toys for my children as we prepare to clean out the old ones and sell them.


While at Babies R Us I decided to purchase a bathing suit for my daughter. My desire was to find a tube top bikini. I think babies look cute in them. Nothing p0rnographic or too revealing but something modest and cute that shows off some belly! I wore a bikini as a baby and while the photos are somewhat embarrassing I think they are also cute. My friend J and I found a bikini at the Disney store the other day while we were out cruising the mall. (Like all the cool moms do!) It was terrible! The top was teeny weeny. It was essentially a string bikini for an infant. Perfect if we were cruising the Riviera but down the shore, I don't think so. I found an adorable one at Babies R Us and now I can't wait for summer to get here so I can put her in the suit and take some photos. I may have to do a pre Summer photo shoot soon!


Have you noticed I'm in italics still? I have. I can't get rid of it for some reason. Weird. Whatever.


The husband and I had a list laid out for this week of things we needed to get done before the weekend. He did great on his portion of the list or on the days he was home. I, on the other hand, managed to stick to the menu I laid out. Oh and I did some laundry. And the boy's room is clean. Other than that...the living room....not clean...the steps...not vacuumed.....the kitchen...not cleaned....the furniture...not dusted. Tomorrow night and Saturday should be fun.

Just for the record, some of those things were part of his part of the list. He did good but not that good!

I'm taking an Abnormal Psych class this semester as part of my Summer session. So far it's pretty interesting. I actually just really enjoy sitting there reading the manual of all the diseases and disorders out there.
I'm also taking a multicultural class this semester and we're required to keep a journal. I hate journaling and in my first journal entry I told my professor that. And then I told her I write a blog. I wonder if she googled me. I may post my first journal entry because I manage to spend a good page or so bitching about journaling and then talking about how I enjoy blogging. Thank God this class is over in August. It's not so bad, I just really hate to journal.
The last class I'm taking? Orientation to being a counselor. I am super excited about this class. It's all about getting set for licensure and filling out the forms necessary to apply for my license and actually obtain it. I'm attempting to ignore the 3000 hours of practicum I'm going to have to do and just focus on the fact that I'm actually finally approaching my goal. Finally.


Is it problematic that my 3 year old son likes to sing along with the Yaz commercial AND the Subway commercial? He knows all the words....perfectly.


Tomorrow is Friday. YES! We have a packed weekend and as busy as it will be, I'm really looking forward to it. This has been the longest four day week of my life! I'm really looking forward to Monday and sleeping and not having to go to work. I love the end of the year.


I'm going to put my child to bed because it's 8:30pm and it's time. It's time for him to go to sleep. It's time for him to stop for the day. It's time for me to exercise. It's time for me to get ready for Grey's. It's time for me to put together our new stroller. It's time for me to stop for a little bit and relax. It's time for the day to wind down. And it's really time for my son to STOP TALKING and start SLEEPING! Keep your fingers crossed that he stays in his bed tonight.....please.

I really am blessed to have this full of a life and this active of a child. I know that. I thank God for that every single day.


Kellan said...

I have 4 kids that talk all the time! The oldest (twins) are 16 and haven't stopped talking/laughing/giggling/screaming for 16 years - I swear.

I'm a big list person - always got a list going of things that need to be done.

Have a good Friday, Stella - good to see you. Kellan

OHmommy said...

You told your teacher you have a blog?

Heehee. ;)

That sounds like an interesting journal topic. You should post it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

LunaNik said...

I love journaling! Always have. Never heard of a teacher wanting to read your journal entries though. She's nosey.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Huckdoll said...

The bikini sounds way cute...hope you guys got some use out of it this past weekend. We're heading out for our first spray park/bikini adventure tomorrow.

I also think it's a blessing to have grandparent who spoil my kids...they do a really good job at it and I love it :)

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