Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rambling Randoms

I'm in the mood for some randoms......


I've decided that the supermarket just brings out the crazy in people. Or maybe it's just me. I stopped at a supermarket last night on my way home from practice and it was one that I don't normally frequent so I figured I was "safe". I walk into the produce department and there is woman with three containers of Strawberries open in front of her and she is picking the best berries from each container and putting them into one.

This struck me as odd. And wrong. Maybe it was me.


My entire house is decorated for Christmas except for the outside and our banister on our steps. I just cannot muster enough energy to get those last two things done. It's eating at me.


I found out two weeks ago that a co-worker of mine allowed students to bad mouth during class. My new nickname is "Beast From the East". I have no idea why. At least it replaces the ever popular Satan that the kids took to calling me.


I did an hour of Yoga yesterday followed by some erging and now I am in unbelievable pain. I just keep telling myself it's good pain. And then I cry. Or lay on the floor in one of my co-worker's offices.


I have something that I've wanted to say to someone for awhile but I can't say it because it would ruin our friendship but if it's true then it could help them. It's eating me.


My kids are getting a ride on Dinosaur for Christmas from my sister and it's going to take all of my will power NOT to get on it and ride it.


Normally, I write out Christmas cards and then slip pictures of my kids inside and send them out to everyone. This year I think I may have to break down and do the picture card. I just don't have the time to write out all the cards. And I think I'm taking the kids' pictures myself rather than shelling out the cash for professional shots. I'd rather use that money for bills or food or gifts.


I think there is something living in my husband's car. I refuse to drive it. I kind of miss it. It's like my little escape from minivan madness!


I set my oven on fire this weekend. With turkey grease. This was not the first time. It won't be last. Everyone got a good laugh out of it.


My daughter got her first haircut the other day. I took pictures during the haircut. I took pictures before the haircut. I did not take any pictures AFTER the haircut! D'OH! Take my word for it, it looks really cute. REALLY CUTE.


I went to my high school reunion on Friday night. It was interesting. It was also fun. It was nice to see everyone and catch up. It was funny to see drunk girls say all the inappropriate things that we never could say in high school.
Quote of the night came from my carpool partner and friend: "E= MC F*&K You!"


I have NO IDEA what to get my husband for Christmas. Usually, I can come up with something fun and creative. This year? I got nothing.

Suggestions welcome.


My husband's friend is one of my FB friends. He reports all of my status updates to my husband. Then my husband comes home and asks me these weird questions because 9 times out of 10 his friend gets the status COMPLETELY wrong. I find it annoyingly funny.


We've been using a Religious Advent Calendar with the kids since Advent is about preparing for the birth of Jesus and not about little chocolate morsels. Once of the first days of Advent the Scripture quote of the day talked about the Virgin. I had to re word the quote because I had no idea how exactly I would explain the concept of a Virgin to my three year old.


I feel like I have so much more random crap to share but I'm sure you're bored at this point so I'll leave you with this (one of my former students told me about it and I have not stopped laughing at it!!):


Kimmylyn said...

That video.. OMG.. he/she said SOO many things I say.. I was on the floor.. too funny.

Sorry your in so much pain. that stinks...but it will pass soon. :)

And you should tell your friend, they may thank you for it. :)

Kate said...

The strawberry thing IS wrong, but that explains why I can never find a GOOD container of them!!

Secret Agent Mama said...

One of my best friends ever picks strawberries, the best ones, and is diligent about counting them and not taking more than she is supposed to. But here theory? Her theory is that she is ENTITLED to every single berry being succulent and perfect. I think we are all entitled to that, no?

Oh and I'm jealous of your yoga session. Why can't I just seem to start up again?

Caffeine Court said...

Wow-you are on a blogging roll my friend!

Thanks for all your kind words about Joe.

And that deer thing stinks, but it's just a random thing that happened, not at all connected with anything else!!! I know how you feel because they are EVERYWHERE around here and they scare the crap out of me. My sister hit one and her car was covered in deer crap and blood.

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