Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trash Picker

See the red head in the above picture? That's my preemie. Or she was a preemie.

She's cute, isn't she? I think so.

She looks pretty innocent here.

She's pointing to her belly. I had just asked her where her belly was.

She's smart.

She's got a personality on her that is just too much!

You know all this. I've shared all this before.

What you don't know is this....

She picks garbage.

She eats garbage.

When I say garbage I don't mean junk food. I don't mean chips and dip and soda. Although, she does enjoy a good chip and dip platter.

I mean literal trash.

She reaches into the garbage can and takes it out and eats it. Or tries to.

We do our best to keep garbage out of arms reach.

We keep the can in garage.

Her brother leaves the door open and she finds it.

We keep the can covered.

She learned it open it. Much like she's learned to open the toilet and play with the water in the bowl.

We put the can on our kitchen stools.

She pushes the stool until it falls over.

The only place that's safe from her little arms, legs, and hands- the counter.

I keep my trash on the counter so my daughter won't eat it.


Today, I forgot. Today, we woke up and I forgot that the can was still on the floor in the kitchen.

The girl noticed right away!

I didn't notice until an old banana peel, an empty juice box sans straw, two strawberry "tops", and a wadded up diaper ended up on my coffee table.

She's fast!

She was "reprimanded" after I swallowed the vomit that had welled up in my throat from the knowledge that my daughter had gotten into the garbage- again!

"That's yucky! Don't touch! No! YUCKY! EW!"

Then she looked at me, smiled this devilish grin, and rolled her eyes.

My almost 16 month old daughter rolled her eyes at me!

Then she grabbed the old banana peel out of my hand and walked away.

I am in so much trouble.

** Ironically enough, the girl's godmother- my bf- ate garbage, too! Granted she was drunk and it was on the top and "fresh" and it was part of a dare. It was still garbage!!**


Helen E.M. Wright said...

I feel your pain!!! At 2 we were getting "whatevers".

The George Family said...

OMG, she is unbelievable! But still cute:)

Alison said...

Yuck..I am so sorry...maybe you could put it under the sink and put a child proof lock on it..

lattemommy said...

Just think how much fun you'll have embarrassing her when she's older with stories about how she used to eat garbage. ;)

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