Saturday, July 12, 2008

Genius, I am not

We went down the shore yesterday.

It was fabulous.

There is something about the shore. Even the drive. I get such a "feeling" when I drive over the Driscoll Bridge and realize that I am just moments from the beach.

I just love it.

The more time I spend down there the more I long to move there.

But anyway, we went to the beach.

The kids were covered in SPF 4000 so they can stay nice and pasty white. Like their father.

I, on the other hand, forgot my SPF 6.

I don't wear anything higher than a 15. Ever.

My friends all had SPF 4000, as well.

What did I decide? I decided that instead of putting on SPF 4000 and getting a teeny tiny bit of color I was not going to wear anything.

On the beach.

In the blazing sun.

For hours on end.

Genius, I am not.

Burnt, I am.

It was worth it.

Totally worth it.


HRD said...

I have a lot of reading to catch upon when i get home.. Miss you ..

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, sorry about the burn!
I hate, hate, hate burns!!!
I am one of those pasty whites!!! My legs glow in the dark. Seriously!!! I refuse to be in the same room as one of those black lights!!
-I always used vinegar to get the heat out. Could be a totally useless old wives tale but I think it works!!!

Alison said...

hmm...this sounds eerily familiar..I do the same thing!!

Huckdoll said...

The only sunblock we own is SPF 50 for the girls - which I refuse to wear, lol.

We are BAD!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Oh, you poor thing!

HRD said...

yeah, so I wore 50, and still burnt!!! Im white like this screen I am typeing on. I hating eing burnt.

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