Friday, November 30, 2007

O Christmas Tree (s)!!

These are our Christmas trees. I LOVE them! I love that we have two trees! The larger one is our regular tree with all of our traditional and sentimental ornaments. We've had this tree since we got married and I love it. Although I wouldn't mind a real one....
The other tree is what I call our Candy Apple tree. It's decorated with real and fake candy canes as well as miniature apples. It's right in our vestibule and I love does the boy!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas! Seriously. I cleaned the crap out of our house to put out Christmas and now it's a mes again but that's ok because Christmas is everywhere!!
I really needed two trees this's been a rough year and having two trees makes me really happy. I love them!

The Candy Apple Tree

I just wanted to share them, and my happiness because of them, with you guys!!


lattemommy said...

They're great! We have two trees, too. One on our main floor - the "official" tree. The second is in our basement family room, and is decorated so that the kids can do what they want to it, without us having to worry too much. My daughter particularly likes for the lights to be set to crazy flash modes (there are 8 modes on this light set - why, I'll never know). It's kind of like a little disco in our basement! Lots of fun.

LunaNik said...

((sigh)) we are late bloomers with our christmas tree and probably won't put it up until mid-dec sometime...the kiddos just destroy it so to cut down on the aggravation factor, we wait.

your trees are 'pitty' as my daughter would say

OHmommy said...

I am not the only one that has 2 trees?


I will post pics of my 2 trees later this week. We are all decorated. I love love love Chritmas!!!

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