Friday, November 30, 2007

A Letter to the Ladies At Starbucks

Dear Ladies at Starbucks This Morning,

Thank you for your impact on my morning rush today. I appreciate that you forced me to slow down and reconsider my choice to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a mixed coffee drink. I was doing so well this morning, too. Running a little late but the complete lack of traffic on my main road helped me make up time with no issue. The Dunkin Donuts had cars out the parking lot and on to the main thoroughfare so, of course, my next logical choice would be Starbucks and oh what a choice it was.

Our Starbucks is small, ladies, very small. Just in case you hadn't noticed. There's very little room to sit and chat but there are tables if it is something you'd like to. If you need me to direct you to them, I'd be more than happy to do so the next time we run into one another. Now that I've pointed out just how small the place is, could we try and remember that standing in the middle of where people are lining up is not appreciated. Also, once you've received your beverage of choice, if you need to, feel free to use the "creation station" with sugars and milk, etc to enhance your drink but then move along. This is not the water cooler, ladies, it's Starbucks and I'm not sure about everyone else but I want to get in and get out. If I need to talk, I take a table. I appreciate your need for gossip and to talk about your friend's cousin who is clearly in need of counseling but really, not the best conversation to have when people are standing within inches of you. I understand you have a right to be there and I don't disagree with that but leaning on the "creation station" as you gab away about your friend's cousin and then your morning gym routine is just not polite, ladies. In case you missed it, you blocked about 4 people from enhancing their beverages in the manner that they would like and you also blocked the exit. You turned my morning into a hostage situation without even realizing it. Thank goodness for the gentleman in front of me who practically had to push you out the way or I would have never made it to work. I can see the headlines now, "High school teacher stuck in Starbucks because ladies needed to discuss other people." Ok, not so catchy but you get the idea.

Ladies, I hope you enjoyed your beverages and your day went smoothly. I hope your friend's cousin gets the counseling they need and I hope your morning gym routine went as well as can be expected. Maybe we can work out a schedule for Starbucks where you can give me a signal that it's clear to come inside because you're leaving? Please don't block the "creation station" any longer than necessary and definitely don't block the door, I'm claustrophobic and I need my escape routes. I ended up at work on time but in a clearly frustrated and aggravated manner. Thank goodness I had my white chocolate mocha to calm me down, if only I had some sweet n' low to put in it and a little milk to cool it down, it would have been perfect.

Thank you for my morning experience. I have been taught to recognize others in my path a lot more clearly now and I will never ever block the "creation station" or the door.

That is all.


LunaNik said...

this reminds me of a recent trip to the supermarket. i hate those people who stop to check their receipts after checking out, thereby blocking any and all traffic from filtering out of the only exit lane in the store. why do they do this? why?

Stella said...

They do it for the same reason that people who are doing their shopping for the first time in 8 months leave their overloaded and overflowing cart full of junk food and soda in the middle of the aisle so that you can't get through do it!

DRIVES ME NUTS!! Almost makes me not want to go to the supermarket...almost...

OHmommy said...

Dear Starbucks Ladies,

See my friend over there? Now MOVE before I let my children loose on you.

Grumpy Mommy of 3 kids

Sandi said...

Ha! Ha! That was great. As for the German Christmas market you asked me about--I'm not much of an arts and crafts person, so I wasn't that into it. You can sit outside on teh boardwalk and drink beer, though.


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