Saturday, November 10, 2007


There are things in life that are amazing to me for a number of reasons. When you sit back and think about things there are things that are amazing because they are great and then the things that are amazing because they're bad. Sometimes it's amazing to me the way people act- both good and bad. It's amazing to me that in 40 weeks, roughly and ideally, a woman is able to grow another human being inside of her own body. It's amazing to me that within the first two years of life a child learns to do things that people who are 80 years old are sometimes forgetting. Last night, and over the past week or so, I witnessed something amazing from my own child.

My son is 33 months old today. He's two years and 9 months old. He's not potty trained- whatever. He knows his ABCs- yay! And he can count to 10 in English and Spanish- Gracias, Dora. Lately, his favorite movie has been Shrek and really the only thing we let him watch is Shrek. We've immensely cut back on his TV viewing. We bought him a basketball hoop and we're playing football with him. We're moving him away from TV but he has been in love with Shrek. He likes all the music. In the bonus features there is a section on the music from Shrek and if any of you have seen the movie you know it's pretty musical. The music selection includes Sly and the Family Stone, Sir-Mix-A-Lot and a few others that are sung by Donkey. It's cute. Well, the boy decides to display his musical talents last night while we were at grandma and pop-pop's. Keep in mind over a 4 hours period of time, this child has ingested more sugar than I think I've eaten in the past two days. He had a giant turkey shaped cookie, yogurt-which can be loaded with sugar, juice-mostly water but still, and of course dinner then carrot cake. The boy is ready to marry carrot cake, that's how much he loves it. So, he's in his pjs and we're getting ready to go when he starts to sing, "Shake your booty" and what does he do while he's singing? He shakes his booty. At this point I've just about wet my pants I'm laughing so hard. He follows booty with "I like big butts..." we are dying at this point. The whole thing ends with him enlisting all of us to sing along.

I'm sure it was funnier for those of us actually present at this impromptu concert but the whole thing was hysterical. And I was amazed. I was amazed by the boy who really didn't speak until after he was about 15 months old due to his deafness. I was amazed because this boy had memorized just about every word to this musical montage and he was well aware that he was entertaining all of us. My kids amaze me everyday whether it's in a good way or bad way is sometimes questionable but they absolutely amaze me. The boy's memorization skills are incredible. He can recite lines to movies- mainly Shrek- and he knows words to songs that I listen to frequently on the radio. He even mimics my most frequently said phrases. He's amazing. I'm continually and hopefully always amazed.


Feener said...

isn't it amazing how much they remember. my daughter can recite songs, books, she recalls the tiniest detail. amazing. we havn'et watched shrek, but i must get it for her. jungle book is the current favorite.

LunaNik said...

Loki's current favorite is the little mermaid and yes, she dances and sings to all the songs. Stella especially loves dora and shakes her little butt to the music...precious! I am always amazed also at how much they learn and retain in such a short span of time. On another note, both my girls spoke late. Loki didn't really say anything but "backpack" until she was 18 months old and at 14 months Stella has yet to say anything other than baby babble.

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