Monday, November 19, 2007

Cars, Trucks, Vans...No Longer Friends

It snowed here, again. This time it is a real snow...inches, maybe even a half a foot! I LOVE it! I was SUPER excited when I woke up to the fluffy white stuff this morning...really! I was not so excited when I ventured outside before drying my hair so that I could warm up the car.

As of late, I have been driving my mom's car. A very nice sedan, which I like and I feel very safe in. It's a fairly new car, no more than 2 or 3 years old. It runs great, gives the kids plenty of room, is really good on gas, just an all around nice car. Not my car but still nice! Well, I went out to start this very nice car at 5:20 this morning and it would not start. Now, last night around 10 the husband and I went outside to do the driveway shuffle. We moved "my" car so that it could get out first and then put his car close to the garage. We do this so that I'm not shuffling cars at 5 in the morning. "My" car worked fine, started right up, ran beautifully as I pulled out of the driveway and then back in, no issues at all! This morning, not so much the case. The car just would not turn over all the way. I was convinced that it was the 5 inches of snow on top of it so I cleaned it off. Yes, now it should start. No. Such. Luck. I had to wake the husband up and he was surprisingly ok with being awoken that early and very willingly went to try and "fix" the car. (I think he secretly wanted to show how manly he is.) He couldn't get it to work either. I made a phone to my parents, since it's there car, because maybe there is a secret to getting the car to start in the snow. I don't know...I'm well aware that I sound nuts! Nope, no secrets. I then arranged for a ride to work...which I should not have had to go into because the weather was/is horrendous!

So, now "my" car is sitting in the driveway at home awaiting either a tow or a miraculous start. I hate cars. I am jinxed. I am going to look at car on Friday. I am nervous about buying another car. For monetary reasons. For accident reasons. For fear that we'll buy it and hate it. We're going to check out a Pacifica and see if we like it. If anyone has experience with share! I've never been in one but they look roomy and they have a 3rd row and they're not a "cursed" minivan. Again, well aware that I'm NUTS!


LunaNik said...

I have to admit...I don't like snow. Well, I like it when it's snowing, but I would very much appreciate if it would melt immediately. On another note, I was driving around my mother-in-laws minivan for awhile because I was without a car of my own. Oh how I hate minivans! I hate them so much, that I accidently backed into a parked car. There I, the dreaded minivan (brand new btw), and a shiny new dent in the back the size of the Grand Canyon. **cringe** Luckily, my mother-in-law is awesome and she just laughed hysterically at me because she did the same thing with her old car about a year ago.

OHmommy said...

Me too - can't stand the snow. And it is slowly moving it's way to Ohio.

Huckdoll said...

All I had to read in your post was, "snow" and I'm soooooo jealous!!!

I dream of snow, I roll in snow, I eat snow and I curse at snow when it stops.

Sadly, I live in Vancouver (rainy capital of the world,) however, I do have many mountains in a 20 minutes driving range.

Ok, still jealous!

Lauren said...

My brother and sister in law have a Pacifica and love it. I've been inside and it is very roomy. Very nice vehicle.

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