Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kindergarten Garbage

My kid loves Kindergarten.  My GOD does he freaking love Kindergarten!??!  And homework.  And library.  And aftercare.  And computer class.  And art class.  And on and on and on!

And thank God for all of that.

But, seriously, is it wrong to ask his Kindergarten teacher to maybe, inadvertently, misplace or (heaven forbid) throw away some of his creations?!  Because at this point, a) my emotional state will not allow me to throw anything away without guilt taking over and b) if I accumulate any more random papers, completed homework assignments, or TIME for Kids magazines, my house is going to look like a recycling plant exploding inside of it!

And if my daughter's pre-school teachers could consider tossing some stuff, too, that'd be awesome!


Colleen said...

Zoe's school prides themselves on trying to be as "paperless" as they can be. I think it's to make up for the fact that the kindergartners use at least 1 tree per child per month.

I couldn't get myself to toss stuff... so I started scanning it into the computer. I scan... put it in the "Zoe's stuff" folder... toss the paper.

JLG said...

I make a big deal about the stuff when I pick Tommy up from school, I admire all his hard work but then, I toss it as soon as we get home! I know it sounds terrible but, otherwisee we will be overcome by all the little art projects. Before we listed the house I would hang his creations in the kitchen, rotating out the old stuff for the new as it came in, but once we put the house on the market the art gallery had to go, so the creations go right in the recycling bin when we get home. Its funny but Tommy really doesn't care...I feel bad though!

LunaNik said...

I throw away almost everything the minute I unpack my girls backpacks after school. I only keep what seems to really capture who they are at the moment. For example, I only kept two or three projects from my oldest's pre-k stuff. So far this year, I have kept only one project per kid. Is it wrong that I have absolutely no guilt when it comes to tossing their work???

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