Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Shit

Let's go for some randoms...haven't done those in awhile and I need to get some shit out of my head.....

* I am in loathe with my primary care doctor's office staff right now. This is nothing new. They are incompetent and lazy. And inevitably make me cry everytime I talk with them on the phone. Today was no exception.

* My son has some sort of cold/flu coming on and I am PRAYING it's not the swine flu.

* If it is the swine I'm hoping God is not "punishing" me for telling my son if he doesn't wash his hands he'll get the pig flu and his nose will turn into a snout

* My daughter is almost potty trained and I am hoping that this weekend will seal the deal.

* We have open house at work tonight for prospective students and parents. This is one of the longest days of the year.

* One of my co-workers wore sweats and sneakers to work today and has no intention of changing for the open house tonight. He's a history teacher.

* I have been in a cast and on crutches since Friday and I have managed to get myself dressed in professional clothes and NOT wear sneakers because I thought it would be inappropriate.

* I had planned on arriving late to work this morning, even called in and got coverage for my homeroom, but one of my co-workers happened to be behind me on the winding single lane road we both take to work and she tailgated me the ENTIRE way.

* I am still furious with the liar in my last post but they stepped up to the plate and have been beyond helpful this week. Although last week they didn't want to know me because I wasn't in "crisis" mode.

* This stupid ankle has put me in such a funk that all I want to do is go home each day and sleep.

* I've been sleeping on my couch because I can't do the steps in my house more than once a day and children can't join me on the couch and kick me in the leg.

* I'm going to a wedding on Sunday and I now have nothing to wear because not much goes with ankle casts and crutches

* My students decorated my crutches for me and I thought that was one of the sweetest things to happen this week

* My friends at work have been unbelievably helpful with anything I need and I could not be more grateful

* I was given two Xanax for my MRI on Friday but now I realize that I won't be in the tube completely so I really don't need them. I may hang on to them anyway.

* I feel like I shouldn't get to complain about this injury because I did it completely to myself.

* I just realized that unless you know me personally or on Facebook you probably have no idea what I'm talking about

* I broke my ankle Friday night at the Springsteen concert while dancing on the arms of a chair- I'm an idiot, I'm well aware.

* I would get right back up on that chair a million times over the show was that good and that worth it

* I have stopped drinking from Monday to Friday- alcohol that is

* I refused all painkillers from my doctor and I am just doping myself up on 800mgs of Advil- it doesn't help

* I was up until 3am in pain last night

* I really want to take my kids pumpkin picking and had planned to last weekend but as stated above, I'm an idiot and I dance on chairs and slip off of them

* I am just so tired

* I hate feeling like I'm invited or included as a second thought

* I hate feeling like things are my fault when someone else's conscience is guilty

* I really wish it was Friday

* I am so looking forward to happy hour on Friday after my MRI- I'll definitely need it

* My husband has been wonderful through all of this injury crap

* I can complain until the cows come home but in reality I am unbelievably lucky and have been shown that through my family and close friends who have really stepped up to the plate this week

And I've vented....not everything but enough so that when my next class walks through the door I don't explode at them as much as I may have.


Sandi said...

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at how you broke your ankle.

Kim said...

Okay, I have been following/stalking you through you know because I like comment on almost everything you post.. but I totally hate that you broke your ankle.. but the bright side is that you did it during fall.. not the first day of summer like I did.. I spent six weeks in bed with a newborn looking at the sunny warm weather because I was so limited on what I could to..

Here is to healing fast and to decorated walking sticks.. xoxox

Kate said...

Totally save the xanex.

Huckdoll said...

Haha...I was following your night at Springteen on FB, but never caught on to how it came about. That? Is AWESOME. Rock on, woman. Love your positive attitude afterward about doing it again, lol.

Props on the drinking thing; I've made the exact same resolution.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Springsteen tickets? Hundreds
Broken ankle rocking out? Priceless!

Heal quickly and work those tricked out crutched!

Feener said...

standing on a chair
at the boss

how old are you ??

you rock

Mommy X said...

Discovered you from over at the Rock and Drool blog. First, love that you agreed with me on Melissa's site...always a good feature in a person. Second, love your "random shit". Third, if you're going to break your ankle, I think cutting a rug at a Springsteen concert is probably one of the top ways to do so. Come on over and check out my blog. I posted something about the SAHM vs. Working Mom thing.

Caffeine Court said...

Hey-it's not easy being a party animal!

You poor girl.

I've never had a Xanex, but I hear it's pretty good stuff!

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