Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cleaning out

Randoms because it's all my brain can handle right now.

* I don't understand why people will, essentially, stalk my blog(s) but refuse to have conversations with me.
* I ordered a pair of Nine West shoes that just arrived the other day.  They are amazing and I was so excited to wear them with the hot pink dress I had ordered for my husband's Christmas party.  The dress doesn't fit and I can't push myself with exercise for the next two weeks, so now I don't know what I'm wearing to the party. 
Yoga pants and the Nine West sparkle shoes.
* I've learned to ignore people in public places when they say, "Oh, look, Twins!" and then wait for me to stop and reply.  My children are not for your viewing pleasure.
* EVERYWHERE needs to have drive-thrus! I drove 20 minutes out of my way today just to mail out the girls' birth announcements because I knew of one post office that had a drive up mailbox.
* I'm going house hunting tomorrow, again.  I would say that I have been in AT LEAST 50 homes looking for the "right" one.
* If we don't find a house soon I'm not sure my sanity will survive.
* I finally chose a therapist and called today at 10am.  Had to leave a message.  Still haven't heard back.  Not helping.
* I'm actually looking forward to the prospect of possibly being able to stay home at the end of this school year.
* I have done our laundry and dishes more times in the past 4 weeks than I have in the past 4 years.
* I'm not nearly as excited about Christmas this year as I have been in the past and the thought of decorating in any way, shape, or form has no appeal to me.
* I'm taking all 4 kids to the beach on Saturday to, hopefully, take our Christmas card photos.  I would rather just sit on the beach and stare at the water for awhile.
* I'm really pissed that my new dress doesn't fit.  It means I'm "bigger" than I thought I was.  Not helping.
* Neither of the girls has smiled yet and it's frustrating to see people who had babies at the same time as me posting their babies smiling.
* Learning to deal with the fact that because the girls are preemies means that they may do things at a slower pace has actually been harder than caring for them.
* I'm back on Weight Watchers.  Take that for what you will.
* I got on an elliptical machine for 20 minutes the other day and it felt really good.  I plan to increase my time when I get back on tomorrow.
* I worry that I won't be able to coach come Spring and how that will actually affect my mental state- with or without therapy.
* I really want to start packing up our house now even though we have no prospects to move in to.
* My husband just put on Beavis and Butthead and I actually want to rip my own ears off.
* My car is a disaster and it annoys the crap out of me every time I get into it.  I hate driving it now because it's so messy.
* I think bringing home the twins has forced me to be more organized and neater.  This is frustrating for me because I think bringing the girls home has actually forced my husband to become more disorganized and messy.
* Sometimes I think that I want to rent a dumpster for a week and use it to just clean out the whole house.  I feel like the fact that our dumpster is all the way down the street is a huge hindrance to me actually cleaning out.
* Clearly, I needed to clean out my mind tonight and that's where this is all coming from.


Dee W said...

Hi Sweetie, Just a note. I had two preemies, one at a time, 2 lbs. 5oz and 4 lb 13 oz. And a granddaughter who weighed 2 lb. 7 oz. All are older, the granddaughter is 15, straight A's in school. Daughter is mom of 4, son is dad of 2. All healthy. I know how hard it is. Their dad felt I was a slacker cause I wasn't able to be up 24 hrs a day to take care of every problem of him and his family and take good care of our daughter. That's why he's my ex. Take care, it'll all pass, talk to the therapist, when you have insurance it'll all work out.

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