Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's See If You're Really Here

There's nothing particularly important about this except I'm curious.

There's a rumor going around within my friends that some of them- who I have never mentioned this space to- have been reading it.

Yes, it's on Facebook that I write here.

Yes, I use Twitter occasionally.

Yes, I will talk openly in person about every subject covered on here.

But, I still find it weird, odd, off putting, when a friend says, "Uh, yeah I read your blog and I saw what you said about Lady Gaga." 

(I've never said anything about Lady Gaga, that I can remember.  Except I love her. I really only dislike Judas. The Edge of Glory might be one of my favorite songs right now and the fact that the Big Man is featured on it doesn't hurt!)

Sometimes I get thrown off because I worry that maybe I said something that offended them.  And then I remind myself that this is my space and while it is out in Internet Land for all to see I'm really not saying anything here that I don't believe and wouldn't say in person. 

Sometimes I'm weirded out because it's always the most random of my friends who mention the blog.  The ones who I'm convinced never look at their Facebook or who know how to operate a computer.

And sometimes it's just odd.  It just comes up a the strangest times like when you're driving through the Bronx searching for a way to get home from a Yankee game because your friend's stupid ass GPS doesn't recalcuate fast enough.  And you can't tell if they're really lying about seeing your blog because they like to do that to you because they think it's hysterical to see you squirm and "freak out" and they really enjoy imitating the high pitched voice you supposedly use when you get upset.

Just odd.

And I do not use a high pitched voice.  They're just a bad impersonator.  And wrong, a lot of time.

So, it appears that my blog is spreading into my real life and that's ok.  I mean, again, I'm not putting it up here if I don't believe it and if I wouldn't say it in person.

So, read away.  And if you are really reading maybe, just maybe, you'll realize how wrong you are so much of the time and how multi-faceted and how much of a "natural" I really am.  ;)


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