Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under a Bushel

Tell me a story.

Tell me your story.

Write me your words. YOUR words. Not the words you think I want to read or the words you think you're supposed to write.

Write your words. Simple, but expressive.

I don't need veiled language. I don't want extensive and overly dramatic metaphors. I don't want you cover your story in bullshit.

I want to read what you have say. I want to hear what you want to share but I can't.

You want to share your story of your sordid past? Share it, but put it out there. Don't hide behind the words.

You want to tell me about your children and their lack or manners or their extensive achievements? Tell me and make it clear. Don't make me dig through piles of extra letters and phrases that only hide what you really want to say.

You want to express your undying love for your husband or your deep seeded anger and resentment towards him? I want to know about it. But make it real. Make it palpable not covert and confusing.

We are simple, at heart, yet complex in every single way. We have these stories to tell and we want to share them. Why do we cover our stories with drawn out words and phrases that only serve to mask the true story we are looking to share.

I have a story to tell. It is ever changing and developing.

You have a story to tell. It is complex and unique.

Do not hide yourself behind your words and your complexities. The stories need to be told and shared.

We want to hear them.


flutter said...

sometimes prettier words are the only way I can tell my story without dying.

Kim said...

It is lucky for me that I don't know extensive or overly dramatic metaphors..but I sure do know others that use it.. Loved this. :)

Merrily Down the Stream said...

reading some weird stuff lately? pretty prose perhaps???

Huckdoll said...

I get what you're saying here, but on occasion, I love (to use and read) the wordiness. It's kind of like storytelling - a practice in writing and lessons learned from overly expressive people.

That said, if it's done too much on once blog, I'm done. I can't handle it as it's just too hard to read and understand; not worth my time and efforts.

I fully understand what you're saying here.

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