Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Doesn't Ernie have eyebrows and other reasons I'm Spitting Fire

I've had this post about guilt brewing for the past few days but I just haven't been able to sit down and write it.

I will. Maybe today.

Right now, though, I am in such a foul freaking mood.

My daughter brought home the daycare plague. You know the one. That cold and runny nose that never goes away. At least not until it either become pneumonia or you take them out of daycare. Since she is a bottomless pit of food and likes to taste everything we eat, even after she's consumed 4 chicken nuggets, two pieces of cheese, 3 strawberries, a cup of milk (we're not dairy free anymore), some grapes, some corn, and half of her brother's dinner, she has been eating off my plate and off my utensils. She has ever so kindly shared her "disease" with me.

I was out cold by 7:30 last night. DEAD.TO.THE.WORLD.

I was not ready to get out of bed at 5:15 this morning. So I didn't. I got out at 5:35 instead.

I awoke in a foul mood. I'm not really sure why.

I couldn't find anything to wear and when I did I decided that it looked like crap but I was late and I wasn't changing.

I decided to only dry a piece of my "side bangs" so that they looked halfway decent. Now the rest of my hair looks like crap rolled over. Half curly, half frizzy, half shitty.

I left my lunch at home. I left my giant water bottle at home. I had to eat a Fiber One bar for breakfast and while it was tasty I know I'll be paying for it later.

I have not waxed my eyebrows in weeks and I'm approaching Bert status.
FYI-I had this awesome shot of Bert and Ernie but because the internet blows ass right now at work, I can't put it up!! Why doesn't Ernie have eyebrows?!?!

The internet is spotty, at best, at work right now which sucks because it hinders EVERYTHING I need to do!!

One of my bfs has been away since Saturday and I've had no one, except the husband, to vent to. And venting to him just doesn't always work. Plus, he doesn't always enjoy it when I yell at him about him!

I am spitting fire right now. I have no clue why. Well, it could be because I feel like crap and I'm totally disorganized and grad school starts this week but no one let us, the students, know and I really need a break from-uh- life at this point!

When is Summer vacation?

Anyone else need to vent.....feel free...the comments are waiting!


Kate said...

I'm in a bad mood today, too! I am TIRED OF HURRICANES. I hope you feel better and that your mood improves. You can come and vent to me, if you need to!! :)

Helen E.M. Wright said...

It's my first day back in my own house after being home for over two weeks.

I'm in a 'life is crap' mood as well!

Shall we wallow together?

Kelley said...

I got my period. Early. I want to hurt people. Nuff said.

But not you. Hugs sweetie, want me to send Moo around to do your eyebrows? She does a good job on mine.

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