Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Only 3 More Years!

So, I wrote this just after I turned 30.  This past Sunday I turned 32...GAH! I think it's time to take a look and see what I've done, what I need to do and maybe if some changes need to be made.....

30 Things to do before 35

1. Complete a triathlon- DONE!
2. Complete a triathlon in under 2 hours- Well, I'm signed up for one in July so, we'll see...
3. Get to 165 and maintain within 7 pounds (Want to do this by 31)- I think we'll adjust this to 33 since I did grow and birth TWO children at once!
4. Sell my house- STILL on the market...BUT we are moving!!
5. Finish my Masters and PhD.- Edited....I have finished my first master's degree and I am working towards my second BEFORE my PhD. Weeeelllll.....I just started my MBA program....lots of changes...
6. Run a half marathon- My friend Kathy wants me to do NJ in May....not sure it will happen this year....
7. Make really good cream puffs (this won't help with #3)- I really should do this.  Maybe this will be my first recipe for our new house!
8. Take my kids to Disney World- Done and Done thanks to Grandma and Pop-pop in March of 2011!
9. Sing Karaoke in a bar- uhhhhhh.....
10. Organize all of my pictures into albums.....yeah, no, not yet
11. Read a book by Ayn Rand- all the way through!
12. Go to Key West and have my picture taken at the Southern Most Point in the U.S.
13. Plant a vegetable garden that actually produces vegetables- This may be a real possibility in the new house!
14. Turn in my lesson plans on time every week- I am actually a week ahead on my plans!!
15. Make a piece of clothing for one of my kids to wear- in public.
16. Jetski
17. Surf- REALLY surf
18. Go to Cooperstown
19. Learn to ballroom dance- not necessarily well
20. Learn how to eat crabs
21. Knit or Crochet a blanket
22. Learn to de-bone a chicken
23. Start my own small business- Working it
24. Speak at a conference for educators- See, this might be difficult considering I'm probably leaving education
25. Either have a 3rd child or make a final decision that we are done having kids- Working on it- We're overachievers and went for 3 and 4 at once! 
26. Take my kids to Boston and Washington D.C.- maybe this summer....
27. Become a school administrator- Things chance and my goal of this happening is really no longer my goal.  I think it's time for me to step away from education for a bit.
28. Participate in one of the 3-day walks for Breast Cancer- I think this is a summer of 2013 thing- as long as the world doesn't end in December!
29. Learn Italian- I need to work on this a bit more actively.
30.  I've really been thinking about taking up a musical instrument again.  Either the piano or the guitar.  I'm fairly certain that if my parents are reading this they each, separately, just punched the computer screen upon reading my thoughts on taking up the piano after the years of shit I gave them about NOT wanting to play the piano.

So, it appears I have a bit of work to do.  I'd like to add a few things.  Things about writing and photography.  Things about improving my health and our finances.  Things about volunteering and working with other people.  I'd like to work on those things that are part of me that I see as faults.  I'd really like to try and improve myself along with accomplishing these things and I think that starts with one step at a time. 

What do I do first? Where do I begin?  We are all works in progress but I really feel like I need to pick one or two of these, master it, and then cross it off.  So, my lesson plans will get turned in on time for AT LEAST the next month and I'm going to look into getting some cds or an app that can help me learn Italian.  Maybe I'll even use it while I'm on the treadmill training for my half marathon and triathlon!

Baby steps.


Michelle McGeary said...

Mom can help you with seven and i can help you with ten just saying

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