Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Last Time Around

It's been awhile, huh?

Big changes 'round these parts!

Let's just lay it out husband and I are pregnant.


We decided, a few months back, to just see what happens and, well, it happened!  And, wow, we're excited and pretty scared shitless!

So, yes, we're pregnant and we're due in August.  And the thought of being massive for the Summer months does not thrill me but the idea that I'm not using any maternity leave until school actually starts makes me VERY happy!

This pregnancy has been very different so far.

There's the typical stuff, I'm exhausted- like go to bed at 6pm exhausted.  I'm hungry ALL THE TIME!  My face looks like it belongs to a 14 year old kid.  My emotional roller coaster is on repeat.  And, HOLY CRAP, don't come anywhere near my chest!

But then there's the stuff that's kind of pregnancy test was positive WAY EARLY.  I mean super dee duper early.  My previous pregnancies I was significantly late before I got a positive test.  My food aversions are somewhat different- last time I would have killed for a Tuna sandwich, this time the smell of tuna makes me gag.  Egg Salad and I are BFFs BIGTIME!  And my clothes?  Well, they're already snug and apparently that's pretty normal.

So, it's a new kind of normal around here.  A normal that we're getting to know quite well and that we're pretty excited about. 

I'm what you might call impatient so the idea that I have to wait until August to meet this child, that my daughter has declared should be named Cinderella Tinkerbell Dora, is quite difficult to wrap my mind around.  But wrap it around, I will, and I'm making sure to embrace this pregnancy.  To take it all in and try to enjoy it as much as possible because I'm pretty certain that this is the last one.


Caroline said...

yay yay yay yay yay!

Colleen said...

I'm so excited to read any pregnancy posts. I'm starting to think I miss being pregnant.

LunaNik said...

OMG sooooo exciting!!!! I know you already have a daughter, but if you happen to need anything for a baby girl then let me know. I have toooons of stuff as you could imagine. Also, if you need another infant car seat base you can have mine. I also have bottle liners and bibs and baby socks and...well, you get the idea. Anything you need, before you buy, check with me babe. Congrats again!!

Miss K said...

Yay!!! I saw something on Facebook. Congrats - that's great news!!

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