Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mortality in the Midday

I had a meeting yesterday about my benefits.

I don't take medical from my job because my husband's is better and it would be silly to pay for a family plan at his work and not be on it.

Still, I had a meeting yesterday about my benefits. My dental. My health and my choice to waive those. My life insurance. And my newest one, my Critical Illness insurance.

Sounds like a fun and positive meeting, no?


Really, I thought it was going to be me going in, meeting with the rep, declining my health insurance and then signing the paper giving them permission to deduct for my dental and life and disability.

Not. So. Much.

First, I found out that I cannot add on medical next year if we decide to have another kid. Well, I can but I have to add on the premium, not the POS plan where I wouldn't have to pay. Ok, scratch secondary medical off my list.

Then, I come to find out if I ever want to add on medical- AT ALL- I have to prove that I'm the primary breadwinner. Duh, I'm teacher. Scratch that off my list.

Then, we start going through all of the questions and luckily my rep, whom I've never met before and really I wasn't too fond of when she forced me to take notes during the meeting, knew everything about my history and was kind enough to answer all of the questions without actually asking me them.

"Uh, yeah, that question about long term and lifelong illnesses and cancer- you might want to go back to that one."

*Blank look*

"I had radiation treatments two years ago. I have a lifelong illness that will require daily medication fo-eva."

*Blank look* followed by, "But you're not even 30."

Can I get a hand to the forehead?!?!

"Um, Cancer and diseases don't actually discriminate by age anymore." Not that they ever did but clearly this woman was not firing on all cylinders.

"No, no of course not. I just..."

"Yeah, I know."

"Ok, we need to go way back. We need to introduce you to a few different insurance products."

"I don't want medical benefits. I just want life insurance above the basics."

"Let me tell you about Critical Illness coverage."

Oh crap.

And there it was, my death. Laid out in front of me in a lovely packet with the tagline "Financial Protection for the Unexpected".

Awesome. And all before lunch.

After we discussed that and added that option on we moved on to Life Insurance which should really just be called "The Worst Way to Get Money, EVER!"

Currently, we get a base plan for life insurance. A standard number that equals a little bit more than our salary. Nothing spectacular, but still better than nothing in the event of the unexpected.

I went above and beyond that.

My family will be taken care of in the event of the unexpected. My children will have a sufficient amount of money to live on if I pass. My husband will have some funds there to make sure they are all able to live the lives they are accustomed to.

But they won't have me.

Call me crazy but I'm betting they'd rather have me. I hope.

I know.

I had to know if my co-workers had this same conversation. I had to know if there were others with this critical illness option.

Not many. We're a "lucky" few.

I walked into this meeting ready to sign a few papers, double check some names and social security numbers and confirm choices made three years ago when I was first hired.

I walked out of this meeting holding on to benefits that will keep my family safe and secure in the event of the unexpected that really is not so unexpected.

And all before lunch.

Mortality in the midday is never a good thing, I don't care how much the benefits pay out.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Alison, that stinks. Nothing like a meeting to make your head ache after. What doesn't stink thoug, is the obvious love you ahve for your family. The thoughts you share are proof of your committment to them. You are such a great mom and I am sure a wonderful best friend to your husband. I am proud to know you woman! I hope tommorow does not have a stitch of unpleasantness in it!!! I also hope the rest of your day makes you forget that meeting!
Today you're my hero!

Sandi said...

As someone who was the recipient of life insurance, you're family would much rather have you there.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Unfortunately this is something that we should all face, no matter how hard it is. I am glad you made the tough choices, but hope you will never have to use it!

Kim said...

Doesn't real life suck sometimes?

Huckdoll said...

Yes...I despise insurance dealings. Not that I have any to do but just discussing it with Colin and knowing I'd be beneficiary, etc. - well, it sucks to think about and imagine. You're right - they'd much rather have you. I can't imagine anyone would want it the other way unless you're in the gold diggers club.

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