Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Saturday

We didn't get in until close to 2am last night. It was great.

We went into the city to see RENT. My parents had given me tickets for Mother's Day and the husband and I used them last night. It was fabulous. This was the second time I've seen the show on Broadway but the husband's first time.

He loved it.

I highly recommend you see the show, if you haven't, before it closes on Broadway. The original cast (the best version IMO) is touring starting in January of 2009 and we're going to try and see that but even if we can't, I am so glad we had the chance to see it last night!

I didn't take any pictures. Well, not true. I took one really piss poor one of the RENT sign outside the theater and that was it. Sorry to disappoint.

As I sat there and watched this show I was mesmerized. Seriously. First, I love the music. The show truly is a work of art. But second, I think the theater is sometimes such an underappreciated art. I think it's incredible that these men and women get up on that stage night after night, day after day, and perform in such a way that tells us an incredible story and makes us believe it. They make you feel with their performances. They bring into their world with their characters. It is always just an incredible experience whenever I see a show. It doesn't matter if that show is on Broadway or in a high school cafe-gym-atorium, it's almost a lost art in a lot of ways.

After getting in quite late. After running, in heels, through Penn Station to make our train and then sitting next to two drunk middle aged men who clearly could not hold their liquor. After having a fun filled, music filled night with my husband. I was tired. I was keeping my fingers crossed for my kids to sleep past 8am. No. Such. Luck.

When I finally dragged my butt out of bed I really felt awake even though I could have slept for hours more. I was refreshed. I had energy. I was looking forward to the Summer Saturday that lay ahead. So far, it's been a pretty good one. I'm not sure where my energy has come from but it's here and I'm not fighting it.

The kids and I dressed and headed out to a local farmers' market. We bought some delicious bread and saw some alpacas for sale. They even got free cookies. (The kids, not the alpacas.) Then we picked up some bagels for everyone for breakfast. DEE-licious! After breakfast I scrubbed down the pool and put the girl down for a nap. The boy and I enjoyed some outside time- he in the pool, me in the sun reading. The husband headed into work. The kids enjoyed lunch and then we headed out for a walk. Now, after fighting with the boy about going back out to the pool- I wanted to, he didn't- we're hanging inside. They're playing, I'm blogging. I'm awaiting nap #2 for the girl and maybe even a nap for the boy. Those naps? They'll give me my shower opportunity.

Not so sure what's on tap for this evening. Maybe a trip to Blockbuster and a stop at MickeyD's, although I got some fabulous Challah bread so I was thinking about some breakfast for dinner! It really doesn't matter what we do at this point, today has been such a nice day that the evening could not possibly disappoint!

These Summer Saturdays are what I live for. I hope they carry into Mondays, Tuesdays and beyond. I hope we have Summer weeks and Summer months. Times of fun outside and walks through the neighborhoods. Times of friends and family. Times of parks and pools and farmers' markets and maybe even a few more alpacas!

There really is 'No day but today!'


LunaNik said...

I really have to go see Rent. I've only ever been to one Broadway show and to the NYC Ballet once (which was an awesome time, btw). And yeah for farmers markets, lazy summer days, and free cookies!!

Alison said...

what a perfect day!! I am so jealous about RENT. We had tickets 2 years ago when they were over here and I had to sell them to my friend because my daughter was in a play and she had to be at the theater the same time as the performance....I was so disappointed!!!

lattemommy said...

I hope you have a whole summer full of fabulous days like that. What a way to start!

I'd L-O-V-E to see Rent. I wonder if their tour will include Canada? I'll have to go to their website and check it out...

Immoral Matriarch said...

I want to see that so badly! I've never seen a real Broadway show. :(

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