Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I feel Blogtastic Today!

Wow! Three posts in under an hour!?!?! I must be crazy- or just avoiding grading papers!
I'm excited about the possibility of being paid to post...I think if it works, it could help a bit with our bills...we'll see!

I woke up this morning, couldn't find a thing to wear, threw on something I'm not happy with and ran out the door...late, as per the usual! :) I don't do my makeup at home, except for my eyeliner. I really don't wear much makeup. A little eyeliner- to distract from the giant dark circles under my eyes, some bronzer- to even out the paleness, some blush- to add some color to what I think tend to be washed out cheeks, and a little lipstick- to round it all out! Usually what I do is after I dry my hair I put on my eyeliner, a little perfume and I'm out! Then when I get to work I take two minutes and put on the rest of my makeup. I DO NOT do it while I'm driving. This morning was no different except I was unhappy about my outfit, feeling kind of dowdy and plump- thank goodness I signed up for WW last night! ;). I opened my visor mirror and started to put on my face and I noticed that my skin looks INCREDIBLE! Not perfect but it just looks really good! I felt really freshfaced and it looked healthy and, dare I say it, glowing. I put on a little less makeup than usual and left my car feeling pretty good about my skin and my day. It was just such a nice feeling to look in the mirror and be SO PLEASED with what I saw. I LOVED it and it's made my day go pretty well!
On a completely different note, my daughter is starting to stand. I hate this part. This is the part where they get hurt. My mother will tell you that this is the part where I began my series of injuries that have lasted throughout my lifetime- when I began to stand and walk. I have this very odd feeling my daughter is going to be the same way. She's very physical, very strong. My dad called her a bull the other day because she was just so forceful in throwing her body around. She is really is quite powerful for such a tiny little thing!

Last night I got home around 7- HATE THAT- and I walked in to hear the boy saying, "Are you ok??" I assumed he and the husband had been wrestling and the boy kicked some place that shouldn't be kicked. Then I heard the screaming/wailing and I saw the tears and the girl wrapped up in the husbands arms, completely inconsolable. I took her from him and tried to comfort her but she was seriously just completely inconsolable! Apparently, she had pulled herself up and slipped and slammed her head on something on the floor. We think it was the tray from her highchair since she had just finished eating. She got scared and hurt. This is how the next few weeks and months are going to play out and this is the part I hate. I hate it almost as much as this, 'Let's put everything in our mouths phase so that mommy can do repeated finger sweeps on me'. (I really hate that phase!) I think it's wonderful that she's starting to become more mobile but it frightens me. I hate to see her hurt. I hate to see either of my kids hurt. And I know it's part of growing up and learning to walk but it's just so stress inducing- you know because the rest of being a parent isn't stress inducing.

So, the princess is starting to walk and I have a feeling we're in for quite a few bruises until she masters in and quite a few heart attacks on my part. But once she gets it, her big brother better watch out because I think she may just come after him first!


LunaNik said...

oh boy, your little girl sounds just like my Stella. seriously, she fell and got hurt more times in one day than my older daughter did in her life. some kids are just more physical i guess.

i'm not turned off at all by your paid posts. as a matter of fact, i'm going to give ppp a try also.

and dontcha just love when your skin looks great?! i only use a certain kind of face powder and i have gotten nothing but compliments about my skin. if your a minimalist with makeup, you may want to give it a try.

here's the url. they also sell it at the benefit counter in macy's. i swear it's the best thing ever!


Don Mills Diva said...

Yay - for great skin days. They distract me from bad ass days.

gail said...

Finger sweep stage is scary. I am there babe, I am there.

Unknown said...

w00t w00t on your day of looking and feeling good! Here's to another!

JustADad said...


Now I am scared! Our son has just started to push himself up onto his hands and knees, which means crawling (and mobility) is just around the corner...

Perhaps a "padded house" is a reasonable "do-it-yourself" option for new parents?

And it is great to "meet" a fellow blogging teacher...I feel your grading pains! *grin*

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Mountain Momma? Where are you? I've missed your posts lately! I hope everything is okay!

OHmommy said...

We have had sooooooo many accidents! Hope she isn't anything like my Lola. :)

Hope all is well... you haven't posted in a while. Im trying to play catch up after vacation.

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